How To Find The Best Keywords For Programmatic SEO

Programmatic SEO isn’t just designed to bring you tons of traffic. It can help you build topical authority and generate high-quality leads in a scalable way.

Therefore, to choose a suitable keyword for this purpose, you must perform keyword research.

This is to ensure that you can modify the keyword several times, it’s not too competitive, and has a decent amount of search volume that’ll bring in the required leads.

Hence, to increase your chances of succeeding in your programmatic SEO efforts, keyword research is an important first step.

So, how do you perform keyword research for programmatic SEO?

The rest of this article will teach you:

The difference between programmatic SEO and traditional SEO.
How to find keywords for programmatic SEO
How to differentiate between good and bad keywords
The keyword research tools you should consider
The step by step approach to perform keyword research.
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Traditional Keyword Research Vs Programmatic SEO Keyword Research- What’s the Difference?
Even though traditional keyword research and Programmatic SEO research are similar, the focus is different.

In traditional keyword research, the focus is on finding high-search volume, low-competition keywords.

But in programmatic SEO keyword research, the focus is on finding low search volume, low competition keywords.

Such keywords are called long-tail keywords.

They often have low competition and‌ are easy to rank. Also, they have highly specific search intent hence, searchers are likely to take profitable actions.

Even though these keywords individually do not have appreciable search volumes, targeting them for programmatic SEO makes sense.

This is because you can rank for many modifications of a keyword resulting in huge cumulative traffic. Besides the increased chances of gaining highly qualified leads.

Therefore, having foreknowledge of traditional keyword research doesn’t guarantee that you can do keyword research for programmatic SEO successfully.

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